Womens Charter Group

Women’s Society of Christian Service

Identification of members of the Women’s Society of Christian Service Pictured to the right. Photo taken in February 1941

First Row:            (seated left to right….all rows)

Mesdames:        C.L. Dawley, B.J. Armstrong, A.E. Clabaugh, Harry Parks, R.M. Peters, J.A. Ginn, T.J. Henry, Jack Gruver, Bruce P. Baker, Bert White, Guy C. Jackson, and B.E. McIntosh

Second Row:

Mesdames:        Wm. Pacholke, J.D. Jones, W. B. Liddle, E.L. Olsen, C. Cool, L. Hardy, Alfred Smith, Lloyd Cogley, C.E. Cooney, Ross Roberts, Earl Graul, Edwin Wilkens (Charter Member of Epworth), O. Butler, Arthur Link, C. L. Fahenestock, Nina Buckingham, A.B. Alspaugh, R.F. Armstrong, Edwin Haworth, H. Vernon, Leach, Charles King, And J.E. Mc Clure

Third Row:

Mesdames:        H.L. Wilcox, E.J. Hildebrand, W.G. Stierwalt, F.P. Norris, E. Williams, F.H. Mc Cormick, Knowles, J.E. Cochran, M. A. Cogley, W.F. Kemp, R.E. Barry, A.W. Anderson, E.S. Nugent, Alfred Andersen, Guy Conkling, Leon Clark, J.E. Marshall, Ray Fairley, Mae Simmons, M. Rathke

Charter meeting of Women’s Society of Christian Service was held on 9/5/1940 with 81 charter members signing up.  This took the place of the Aid & Dorcas Society and those members were encouraged to attend and join.  The charter meeting was led by Rev. Robert Peters until members enrolled and officers elected.  The elected officers led meetings from the point forward.  Women’s Society met once a month for devotions, business, and program.  Interest groups met as often as necessary to get their work done. Some special dates to note are as follows:

  • 5/11/41 – Women’s Society took charge of regular Sunday services to observe Mother’s Day. Members were ushers and received offering. Rev. Peters gave a Mother’s Day sermon.
  • 4/2/42 – Mother Daughter banquet was held, dinner was served by the Men’s Brotherhood.
  • 6/4/42 – Decided to cooperate with the church board and plans were made to make a service plaque in honor of the boys of Epworth Church in the service
  • 11/2/42 – Women’s Society held a special tea to honor Miss Marguerite Bugbee who was home on furlough from her missionary work in India
  • 5/20/43 – Missionary tea for Mrs. F.C. Aldrich who had spent 38 years as a missionary with her husband Rev. Aldrich in India
  • 6/27/58 – Received certificate of Merit from American Cancer Society for contributing toward the preservation of human lives by performing noteworthy services for support of crusade to conquer cancer
  • Fall 60 – Received a letter of appreciation from Unicef